Learn to fly


If you always wanted to do a tandem flight but you’ve never had an opportunity, surely the first step is to gather courage and will to enjoy life intensively.

Experience the joy of an amazing view on one of the most beautiful landscapes in Rio de Janeiro while flying Hangliding or Paragliding with total safety and lots of emotion, adrenaline and freedom experience.

To do a tandem flight you will only need the following:

->Have 18 years old or older.

->We recommend the use of adequate shoes (sneakers or similar), comfortable and warm clothing for colder weathers.

Firstly you need to sign a disclaimer at the Sao Conrado Tandem Flight Club (CSCVL) an pay the R$40,00 fee and insurance for the maintenance of the take off ramp. This fee it is not included in the Tandem Flight’s price.

Once these procedures are completed we’ll be embarking on a transport that will take us to the Pedra Bonita Ramp, which is located inside the Tijuca’s National Park in São Conrado – Rio de Janeiro.

BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW: estilovoolivre@hotmail.com or whatsapp +55 21 97201-2732


paragliding and hand gliding course

1°) “THE TRAINING” . Once we’ve arrived at the ramp the instructor will equip the passenger and perform a quick training with instructions and simulations for the flight. It is not necessary any previous experience.

hand gliding

2°) “THE TAKE OFF”. After the explanations and the training we’ll only have to do a quick run which will result in the lifting of the pilot and the passenger

hand gliding flight

3°) “THE FLIGHT”. After the take off it is time to relax, to take pictures and enjoy the view. Usually the tandem flight lasts from 08 to 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions.

hand gliding land

4°) “THE LANDING”. The arrival at the landing site has both, speed and a sudden smooth flight, which surprises and enchants everyone.